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The FUFOR National Board of Directors

Don Berliner
Chairman, Fund for UFO Research.
Aviation/science writer
Alexandria, VA
Author of numerous books and articles on aviation history and sports aviation. Member, Experimental Aircraft Association; Society of Air Racing Historians; International Association of Aviation Historians.
Thomas E. Bullard, PhD
Indiana University
Bloomington, IN
Author of scholarly articles and compilations on UFOs and the 1896-97 "Airship Mystery." A two-volume study UFO Abductions: The Measure of a Mystery (1987) was prepared under a grant from the Fund for UFO Research.
John B. Carlson, PhD
University of Maryland
College Park, MD
Founder and Director, Center for Archaeoastronomy, University of Maryland, College Park. Scholar on astronomical practices of ancient Mesoamericans, particularly the Maya. Articles published in "National Geographic" and "Science" magazines.
Thomas P. Deuley
LCDR, USN (Ret.)
San Antonio, TX
Lieutenant Commander, USN (Ret.) Atomic submarine officer; electronics security, intelligence communications. Founding member, Fund for UFO Research.
Barry H. Downing, PhD
Endwell, NY
University of Edinburgh, Scotland, specializing in the relation between natural science and Christian theology. Author of books and articles on UFOs and religion.
David Gotlieb, MD
Child Psychologist
Toronto, Canada
Psychotherapist, specializing in depression and anxiety disorders. Johns Hopkins University psychiatry training program. Participant in scientific conferences on the UFO abduction phenomenon.
Richard F. Haines, PhD
Physiological psychologist
Los Altos, CA
Retired research scientist, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Former Chief, Human Factors Office, NASA Ames Research Center; work on numerous astronomical and aeronautical programs, including Skylab and Space Station. Member, Society of Aviation Accident Investigators and other professional societies.
Robert Hall, PhD
St. Michaels, MD
Retired Professor of Sociology, University of Illinois, Chicago. Program Director, Sociology and Social Psychology, National Science Foundation (1962-1965). Former Director, Office of Social Science Research, University of Illinois, Chicago.
Richard C. Henry, PhD
Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, MD
Research astronomer, Naval Research Laboratory (1967-1969). Research physicist and faculty member, Johns Hopkins University (1969 to present). Former Deputy Director, Astrophysics Division, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (1976-1977).
Bruce Maccabee, PhD
Sabillasville, MD
Research physicist, Naval Surface Weapons Center, optics and laser physics. Photoanalyst. Author or co-author of about three dozen technical articles in scientific publications, including the American Optical Society and American Physics Society.
Rob Swiatek
Fairfax, VA
Bachelor's degrees in physics and earth sciences. Physics patent examiner, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Secretary-Treasurer, Fund for UFO Research.
Robert M. Wood, PhD
Aerospace physicist
Newport Beach, CA
Retired from McDonnell Douglas Aerospace Corporation. Extensive experience in research and development of aerospace systems, U.S. space program.